On Lind$ay Lohan’s “hit and run”…

SOOO… i w0ke up this morning to a l0t of text messages and tweets ab0ut this $tory. It makes me r3ally sad and scar3d 4 LILO :-(. SOO.. last night LILO was d0ing her thing at a club and a$ she left she ACCIDENTALLY hit some1 on the $treet and then in the cha0s of it all, left. This is pr0bz part 0f a mass conspiracy 2 get Lindsay cuz at first the dude didnt feel any pain and then afterwards, he $tarted 2 feel pain 0nce he f0und 0ut wh0 hit him! CONSPIRACY!?!?!?!?!!!! She is 0nly 14 dayz away fr0m finishing up her probation and this thing has to happen! Emma Stoner and Blake Lively must have hired this guy 2 stand outside the club and TRY TO GET HIT. This is really really scurry cuz itf Judge Sautner falls for Blake Lively and Emma Stone’s scheme, LILO could end up back in JAIL. :-(. My th0ughts and prayerz r with you Lindsay. Here is a little prayer

Oh Lindsay

Why must this happen to you?

Oh Lindsay, now hire the most expensive Jew.

Oh Lindsay, you shall fight this injustice like Mendela at his heyday.

Oh Lindsay, you are an inspiration, like MLK.

Oh Lindsay, you are a warrior for justice, freedom and what is right.

Oh Lindsay, only you know what truly happened last night.


On My New P03m 4 Lindsay…

SOOO… i c0uldnt sleep last night, s0 like 0ther gr3at writers with insomnia, I t00k out a feathered pen and paper, lit a candle and $tarted scribbling down my emotions. After tireless editing and r3visions… h3re is my new poem…

Lindsay Lohan

The world has turned its back on you.

Your talent has been obscured by a criminal façade

But as you gaze into the camera, I hope you could feel me look right back at you.

I stare and analyze, confused as I try to rationalize your perfection

Every freckle is a permanent finger print of an enchanted angel.

Once every eon, God gives us mortals a gift, a reminder of his presence, power and glory.

Lindsay Lohan, I shall forever be celebrating your beauty.

Lindsay Lohan, don’t shed one more tear.

Lindsay Lohan, I cherish you

On My Latest P0em

SOOO… r3cently in English class, we had to write a p03m 2 s0mething that iz r3ally imp0rtant to us. SOOO… naturally I wr0te bout my gurl Lindsay. This p03m is A BIT MORE PERSONAL (like her 2nd album) S00, internet pleaze <3 it:

Ode to the Freckled Goddess

Blonde hair, freckled skin. 

So pretty, so thin

You are my one and only

Come to my suburban home and hold me

 The beauty of the 21st century

When I hear “Rumors” I sing with thee

You are an inspiration, my only hope

So happy you are clean and sober, don’t need the dope

You make me wet with love

Michael isn’t your father, Dina was impregnated by the heavens above

Lindsay, I pray to you every night

Please bless my life with all your might

In the midnight hour, I could feel your power

Down on my knees, I bow to your beautiful freckled flower

Lindsay Lohan

Never forget, Lindsay Lohan

ON praying 4 Lindsay Lohan….

SOOOOOO…. 2m0rro is a BIG DAY ppl! MY gurl Lindsay Lohan c0uld possibly g0 to jail 4 90 dayz! SOOO….when I wass a yung gurl my daddyyy would take me 2 synag0gu3 and a Rabbi would teach me h0w to pray to G0d. So now I ask G0d, for one more thing… If you want God to free LILO from the chains of injustice, please r3bl0g this post… Hopefully God will see hehe. SOOOOO…. here is my prayer to ADONAI (HOW US JEW GURLZ SAY G0D):

Baruch Atah Adona (G0d)i, God please, please, please, if you have a soul, please let LILO free. Free Lindsay Lohan, Make sure that the judge is convinced she has changed her ways. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… LET HER GO!


Cum on, God, pl33z fr33 Lind$ay Lohan!