#freckledfreedom #freckledjustice #freckledliberty @lindsaylohan <3 u gurl

#freckledfreedom #freckledjustice #freckledliberty @lindsaylohan <3 u gurl


SOOO… Lindsay l0han has decided 2 strike back against her accuser and filed a p0lice rep0rt again$t the #stupidhoe wh0 tried 2 accuse 0f her battery! BAM! FRECKLED PUNCH OF JUSTICE, BITCHES. D0nt u dare try 2 mess with the LILO cuz LILO will cum d0wn on u with the wrath 0f thE lord becuz THE LORD IS 0N HER SIDE. The freckled g0ddess is sick and tired 0f being falsely accused s0 is sh0wing the w0rld n0t 2 fuckin mess with her. FINALLY. This $tupid h0e n33dz 2 cum up with a better false st0ry cuz n0b0dy even saw LILO leaving or entering the h0tel in which this $tupid h0e said $he g0t beat up! The $tupid h0e even tried $elling the st0ry 2 a magazine b4 filing a police report! It smells fishy and its n0t just the stupid h0e’s stinky pussy! Lindsay Lohan is g0nna defend her #freckledfreedom even if it has 2 g0 all the way up 2 the $UPREME C0URT! THE WRATH OF THE LILO SHALL CUM D0WN ON U!

I <3 LILO. America <3 LILO. We <3 LILO

On Lind$ay Lohan’s “hit and run”…

SOOO… i w0ke up this morning to a l0t of text messages and tweets ab0ut this $tory. It makes me r3ally sad and scar3d 4 LILO :-(. SOO.. last night LILO was d0ing her thing at a club and a$ she left she ACCIDENTALLY hit some1 on the $treet and then in the cha0s of it all, left. This is pr0bz part 0f a mass conspiracy 2 get Lindsay cuz at first the dude didnt feel any pain and then afterwards, he $tarted 2 feel pain 0nce he f0und 0ut wh0 hit him! CONSPIRACY!?!?!?!?!!!! She is 0nly 14 dayz away fr0m finishing up her probation and this thing has to happen! Emma Stoner and Blake Lively must have hired this guy 2 stand outside the club and TRY TO GET HIT. This is really really scurry cuz itf Judge Sautner falls for Blake Lively and Emma Stone’s scheme, LILO could end up back in JAIL. :-(. My th0ughts and prayerz r with you Lindsay. Here is a little prayer

Oh Lindsay

Why must this happen to you?

Oh Lindsay, now hire the most expensive Jew.

Oh Lindsay, you shall fight this injustice like Mendela at his heyday.

Oh Lindsay, you are an inspiration, like MLK.

Oh Lindsay, you are a warrior for justice, freedom and what is right.

Oh Lindsay, only you know what truly happened last night.


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