On My Prayer 4 Lindsay 2nite


The world expects you to fail

I know that you shall prevail

You are a goddess of beauty and comedic grace

A manifestation of true perfection in the human race

Tonight you will show everyone how it’s done

Proving your great, while having fun

Lindsay I will be in a pool of sweat, watching you laugh

You will be the most talented person in the SNL staff

Never forget me when you return to throne

Never forget me, oh Lindsay I am so alone

But when a Phoenix repairs her broken wings and learns how to fly

There is no true knowing, where to find her in the heavenly sky


(Source: makeagif.com)

(Source: makeagif.com)

Anonymous asked:

WhY dO YoU WriTE liKe ThIs?

LOLLLL. IDK, lik3 the intern3t isnt Engli$h cLa$s, hehe SOOOO, y nawt be a lil silly, th3 only thing I tak3 $eri0usly is my LOVE FOR LINDSAY